PREFA flood protection made of aluminium: Remain deeply relaxed when the flood comes

PREFA keeps bad weather outside.

Steadily mounting average temperatures are creating extreme climates. Rivers increasingly burst their banks, causing major damage. Particularly in high-risk regions, it’s important to be able to protect ourselves against these forces of nature before we’re left standing knee-deep in water.

Together with our affiliated company, NEUMAN Aluminium Strangpresswerk GmbH, we have developed the demountable PREFA flood protection system. Lightweight, robust aluminium profiles protect doors, gates, windows and entire surfaces against penetrating flood water, offering you and your house maximum security.

The flood protection system comprises:

  • barrier panels with a ground seal
  • stackable barrier panels
  • wall mounting profiles
  • mounting uprights with ground sleeves 
  • compression clamps to prevent wear and tear of the panels

break-proof and corrosion-free material

extremely lightweight

effortlessly transport and fixation

break-proof and corrosion-free material

extremely lightweight

effortlessly transport and fixation

In general, a distinction is made between two different areas of application:

1. In the case of property protection, aluminium barrier panels are used to seal windows, doors and door openings.

2. In the case of perimeter protection, flood-prone areas such as driveways, roads or paths can be protected by means of safety barriers.

Mounting profiles (for barrier panels) or ground sleeves (for safety barriers) are permanently attached in advance so that the system can be installed in the event of a flood. This ensures that you can react at lightning speed when the storm comes.

You can find more detailed information and technical details about the product in the Flood protection section.  

Aufnahme eines fertig aufgebauten PREFA Hochwasserschutzes


Questions and answers: PREFA flood protection

PREFA’s mobile flood protection in the aluminium barrier panel system is used to protect buildings and land. It is a reliable water and mud barrier even in extreme situations – from the Danube to the North Sea. Lightweight, robust and easy to assemble, aluminium barrier panels are stacked on top of each other in a tongue and groove system and inserted between two fastening profiles or uprights – in an emergency, they can even be installed by just one person.

PREFA flood protection is supplied by a regional PREFA partner company and is also professionally assembled straight away.

The length is determined according to structural calculations and depends on the water level.

A flood protection system does not have to be 100% watertight. Minimal water ingress is acceptable. With the PREFA system, the aluminium profiles are stacked on top of each other in a tongue and groove system and inserted into fastening profiles or uprights on both sides.

The system requires a load-bearing assembly substrate such as concrete or brick and should be checked in advance by a structural engineer if necessary.

The PREFA flood protection system has been tested and certified by the European Flood Protection Association. It complies with the basic principles for planning and use of the guidelines of the Association of Engineers for Water Management, Waste Management and Land Improvement (BWK). 

Yes, delivery is possible in the standard RAL colours. The barrier panels and the permanently installed fastening profiles can be individually colour-matched to the roof, doors and windows or the façade.

The low weight of the aluminium profiles allows for quick and easy assembly – if necessary, even by just one person! For example, it takes around seven to ten minutes to assemble a flood barrier if it is the size of a garage door (approx. 3 m wide and 1 m high).

PREFA flood protection consists of a total of 10 components.