The material, aluminium : Rely on the building material of the future

Lightweight, robust, long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, ideal to work with, versatile in design – aluminium possesses all the characteristics that you could wish for in a material.

At the start of the 19th century, large roof surfaces were already being covered with aluminium (for example, San Gioacchion church in Rome). Today too, some of the most exciting structures on earth feature aluminium on the front of buildings. Modern architecture considers aluminium to be the material of the future. This is hardly surprising seeing as it has so many outstanding qualities.

geringes Gewicht von Aluminium spart Zeit und Geld

Lightweight — light & affordable renovation with aluminium: TAKE IT EASY

A PREFA aluminium roof only weighs a fraction of the weight of an extremely heavy tile roof. With a dead weight of just 2.3 to 2.6 kg per square metre, installers no longer work up a sweat. In theory, a goods lift is not necessary at all. So it’s not just the installers that are relieved. Once the PREFA roof has been installed, the roof substructure can also breathe freely for many decades. 

For builders, the light weight of our aluminium products pays off particularly when carrying out renovation work. Weak roof structures don’t need any extra reinforcement before the new roof is installed. That saves time and money. 

The time needed at the construction site is significantly reduced too. We deliver the material to you in a perfectly prepared condition. In addition, with the appropriate technical expertise, our products can be quickly and easily mounted (on a roof pitch exceeding just 3°).

Additional advantage: no more bothersome clouds of dust are created as is the case when cutting roof tiles. So take it easy.

Aluminium bildet eine eigene Oxidschicht, die das Material vor weiterer Korrosion schützt

Made to last a life time

Aluminium reacts with oxygen in the air to form a natural oxide layer. This layer offers outstanding protection from corrosion (including bitumen corrosion) and is therefore rust-proof.

If the roof or façade is made from aluminium and does happen to suffer any damage, it will always regenerate itself. So you can enjoy your roof for years — and the next generation can too.

Jedes PREFA Dach ist extrem zuverlässig auch bei extremen Wetterbedingungen

Extremely storm-proof

Thanks to the concealed fasteners and installation in a half-offset pattern, a PREFA roof can resist even the harshest of weather. In high-risk regions, storm-proofing can be further improved with additional clips. With PREFA, you get all the accessories from one source as a complete system — you can rely on PREFA’s accessories.

Our PREFA roof is reliable on mountain huts too. On boiling hot days and freezing cold nights, it’s not uncommon for maximum and minimum daily temperatures to differ by 50 °C. That’s not a problem for a PREFA roof.

Aluminium lässt sich zu 100 % recyceln und spart Energie bei den Transportkosten

Completely environmentally-friendly — aluminium has natural abilities

From an ecological point of view, aluminium is the ideal choice of material both for new builds and for renovations. There are various reasons for this:

  • Aluminium is fully recyclable.
  • During recycling, only 5% of the original energy used for production is required.
  • PREFA generally uses secondary aluminium(= recycled aluminium).
  • As aluminium is so lightweight, energy is saved and CO₂ emissions are reduced during transport

We say it again: aluminium is extremely durable and break-proof, virtually maintenance-free, recyclable without any loss, unbelievably lightweight, and at the same time particularly attractive. All factors considered, the eco-balance is far better than is the case with traditional roofs.

Mit der PREFA Farbvielfalt sind Ihrer Phantasie keine Grenzen gesetzt.

Unique variety of colours and shapes: Aluminium can make virtually any dream come true

Aluminium is extremely versatile and leaves no desires unfulfilled as far as surface design is concerned. Unique patterns, colours and effects are possible in a wide range of forms.

Depending on the product, we offer up to 16 shades of colour. Upon request, we will also gladly create special colours — tailored to your customers’ requirements. PREFA roofs and façades are unbelievably colour-fast. The high-quality coating layer is malleable and therefore protected against extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

With our high-tech products, such as the FX.12 roof panel and façade panel, buildings are turned into projection surfaces. Depending on the exposure to light, magical light and shade effects are created, bringing the building shell to life. 

The diverse product range enables virtually all architectural aspirations to be fulfilled, and unique roofing and façade effects to be conjured up.

So you see, with PREFA, every building is unique. There are no limits to your imagination or creativity.

Garantiert 40 Jahre Materialgarantie

Visions that last for generations: Aluminium is extremely long-lasting

Storm-proof, break-proof, robust, durable — PREFA aluminium roofs and façades do not get beaten up by bad weather. Aluminium defies all weather and protects itself from corrosion. It reacts with oxygen in the air to form a natural oxide layer which coats the material like protective amour. A damaged roof or façade membrane made from aluminium will always regenerate itself. The aluminium supports are also protected by a two-layer stove enamel finish.

But we do not consider that to be enough. With the P.10 coating, you are choosing a particularly UV-resistant, colourfast and weatherproof surface coating that withstands external influences and stress. With a 40-year colour guarantee.

In addition to aluminium’s powerful properties, the concealed fastening technology in a half-offset pattern also offers strong support. So the building shell remains watertight, keeping bad weather outside. We give you this waterproof promise in writing with a 40-year guarantee for colours and materials.

Dach, Fassade und Entwässerung aus Aluminium von PREFA

Aluminium has excellent folding characteristics: Aluminum is ideal for working with

For us, aluminium is the most flexible material used in construction engineering. Not least because the material has excellent folding properties. Thanks to a refined alloy, aluminium is pliable and extremely flexible to work with even in extreme temperatures below freezing point. Installation even in freezing temperatures at high altitudes is mere child’s play — many mountain huts (in some cases located at more than 3,000 metres above sea level) have already been equipped with a PREFA building envelope. 

In these high altitudes, it’s not uncommon for maximum and minimum daily temperatures to differ by 50 °C. Even at such extreme heights, installation is no problem at all.

Fact: thanks to the flexibility and malleability of aluminium, complicated constructions and special solutions can also be professionally implemented. Even in extreme weather conditions.