Lightweight metal roof with a tile-like appearance

PREFA tile-effect roofs combine the familiar appearance of tiled roofs with the unbeatable advantages of aluminium roofs.

PREFA products in the colour brick red in P.10 colour quality not only offer the usual material guarantee, but also a 40-year colour guarantee.

Your roof is exposed to the elements more than any other part of your house. Roof coverings come in many types: clay, metal, fibre cement or bitumen. All of them must provide reliable protection against wind and weather conditions for decades. If you are renovating and decide to install a traditional tile roof, ask yourself: will your outdated roof structure need to be reinforced in order to bear the weight of the tiles?

The benefit: PREFA roofs are extremely light!

PREFA roof tiles offer a considerably lower weight compared to conventional roof tiles. At only 2.3 kg/m², PREFA roof coverings will offer your house reliable protection. No matter if the temperature plummets by 30°C overnight or if 90 mph winds are battering the house – PREFA roof tiles will stay put and do their job without letting you down.

Read more about our stormproof roof systems here.

A strong man is mortising heavy bricks, and a young girl stands next to him with the light aluminium roof tiles.

PREFA roof tiles weigh only a fraction of what conventional roof tiles weigh

P.10 quality with a 40-year colour warranty

Do you live in an area that has a lot of tile roofs? Are you looking for a high-quality lightweight metal roof with a tile-like appearance to match?
Then a PREFA roof system in P.10 quality brick red is the perfect solution for your new roof or roof renovation.

Our “P.10” finish meets the highest quality standards. The finish gives our light PREFA roof tiles and their aluminium base the ultimate upgrade as it allows us to offer a 40-year warranty not just on materials, but on the colour too. 

You can rely on PREFA to provide a strong and reliable roof system.

This also includes rainwater systems. PREFA’s aluminium gutters don’t rust and will never need repainting – meaning they need virtually zero maintenance*.
Deterioration from weathering and rust, and colour changes caused by rain, snow and other environmental factors are no longer an issue. Giving you a roof and drainage system you’ll be satisfied with for decades to come, with no need for arduous repairs at height.

*Regular checks necessary. Dirt may need to be removed in order to prevent gutters from clogging and becoming damaged.

Want to know what your roof would look like with a tile-effect covering? Then use our free photo service. Just upload a photo and in a few working days you will receive a processed image that shows your house with your preferred PREFA façade. 

Detailed image of PREFA shingles in brick red with matching guttering, also in brick red.

Combine a PREFA roof in P.10 brick red with matching gutters