In which colours are PREFA products available?

PREFA’s extensive range of colours includes numerous P.10-quality colours and many other standard colours. The wide range of shades offers architects, builders, restorers, planners and master builders countless possibilities for creating beautiful, high-quality roof coverings and façades.

The wide selection of colours makes PREFA’s flexible, durable and rustproof products perfect for roof renovations and façade restorations. The extensive choice of colours ensures that you can always find a great match for the existing sections of your home (windows, roller blinds, window blinds, fences, etc.). Do you live in a region that has a lot of tiled roofs? Are you looking for a high-quality sheet metal roof with a tiled appearance? A storm proof, durable and light aluminium roof, covered with PREFA roof tiles in P.10 brick red or P.10 oxide red, is perfect for your new roof or your roof renovation. This tile-effect roof covering will blend in seamlessly with your neighbours’ tiled roofs, and, what is more, the light weight of PREFA’s roofing material means that your roof structure will not be burdened by any unnecessary load. Our high-quality P.10 coating in brick red or oxide red is covered by a 40-year guarantee on materials and colours. On the other hand, PREFA’s comprehensive range of colours allows you to create a striking effect that will really stand out – check out our gallery for inspiration! PREFA products are also perfectly suited for new construction projects and their unique colours and shapes give you virtually complete creative freedom.

All PREFA colours at a glance

P.10, the coating system that has been ensuring even better quality on roofs and façades since 2010: P10? P 10? B10?

PREFA’s P.10 coating system was introduced back in 2010 and has been making PREFA’s products even more reliable and attractive ever since. The coating has a matt appearance and is also particularly UV-resistant, colourfast and weatherproof. The surface coating withstands external influences and stress, and the basic material is lightweight and stable, offering an extremely wide range of planning and design possibilities.

With P.10, a coating quality has been produced that creates thousands of tiny reflections and ensures the colourfastness of the surface in question. This is achieved through the paint’s special pleated structure which can only be seen under a microscope. Direct sunlight gives the surface coated in P.10 a superb, elegant appearance. The high-quality coating layer of the PREFA products is malleable and can withstand temperature fluctuations and extreme weather conditions. Due to the combination of the aluminium material and the P.10 surface, PREFA is able to guarantee the material and colour for 40 years.

A variety of surfaces by PREFA

Depending on the product, the surface of PREFA products is available either with a smooth finish or with stucco embossing. Produced using embossing rollers, stucco embossing makes the material even more hard-wearing, and the aluminium becomes even more resistant to processing marks, so that it is quicker and easier to install.

All small-format PREFA products for the roof and façade (roof tile, shingle, rhomboid roof tile, façade shingle and rhomboid façade tile) have a stucco surface as standard but are also available with a smooth surface on request. The exception to this is the roof and façade panel FX.12 which is only available with a smooth surface. The delivery times for special, bespoke designs can be found on the detailed pages of the respective product.

PREFA colour palette in P.10 quality

The following small-format products are available in many P.10 colours: roof tiles, R.16 roof tiles, shingles, DS.19 shingles, rhomboid roof tiles, façade shingles and rhomboid façade tiles, FX.12 roof panels and FX.12 façade panels, as well as Prefalz, Siding and Siding.X. A variety of standard colours, as well as plain aluminium, are available in addition to the P.10 finishes. The PREFA colour palette has a total of over 25 different colours (excluding Falzonal), with certain colours available for certain products. Find available colours and paint qualities for each product in the table below or look up the product page for the PREFA roof or façade product of your choice. You can also find this information in the PREFA product catalogue, which you can order here. Special colours may be available for larger order quantities on request. Contact your PREFA contact person for more information.

The vast majority of PREFA products are available in P.10 colours. For a more unusual range of colours, we offer a wide selection of additional standard colours in Duragloss 5000 colour quality, such as the popular sidings for gable or façade claddings with a light or dark wood appearance. What’s more, the Falzonal sheet strip has a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) surface coating and the colour, ivory, is available with a PP99 (polyamide/polyurethane) colour coating. Find out about the various coating processes here

Overview of colours available for each product


PREFA uses coil-coated aluminium to produce half round gutters, box gutters and on-roof gutters, whereas square downpipes are coloured in a powder-coating process. PREFA gutters are available in classic standard colours or plain aluminium. On request, we can also create bespoke colours which blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of your house. For gutters in a bespoke colour, the aluminium is generally tinted in a powder-coating process.

Since the spring of 2019, we have been offering our PREFA roof drainage systems in brown, anthracite and light grey in P.10 colour quality. All our products with the P.10 finish have a 40-year material and colour guarantee.

PREFA Falzonal (PVDF colour coating)

standard pure white, tin grey, pearl white, dusty blue, light ivory, matt light zinc, broom yellow, grey-green, opal green, anodic brown, matt dark grey, anthracite grey, matt light grey, bright metallic, pastel turquoise, savannah beige, carbon black, gentian blue, light grey, reseda green, stainless bright, maya gold, azure blue, olive green, mint green, quartz grey, coffee brown, copper brown, Victorian brick red, rosewood pink, weathered clear varnish, new copper, grey aluminium, zinc grey, turquoise blue, carmine red, light bronze


1 The colours P.10 stone grey, P.10 sand brown, P.10 patina green, natural oak, patina grey, walnut, grey oak and plain aluminium are based on natural colours and therefore vary slightly in shade, giving the product its distinctive character.
2 The guarantee does not cover surface appearance alterations caused by processing and environmental influences. Follow the instructions.
3 The metallic colours may exhibit colour variations.


  • The RAL numbers indicated are approximations only [~], and may, in some cases, differ greatly from the PREFA original colour. They may not be a true reflection of the subjective perception of colour.
  • Particularly in the case of the P.10 paint quality, it is difficult to precisely define the number due to the nature of the surface structure. In addition, the colours P.10 stone grey, P.10 sand brown, P.10 patina green, natural oak, patina grey, walnut and grey oak are based on natural colours made up of several different shades.

Therefore, we recommend obtaining original samples so that you can gain an idea of the exact colours of complementary components.