PREFA listed buildings: Planning and renovating buildings that will last for ever

The first PREFA aluminium roof tiles were installed on houses, industrial buildings and other buildings as early as 1946. In the meantime, some of these buildings have become listed. Thanks to the outstanding quality of PREFA products, and the unique durability of the aluminium material used, most roofs are in as good condition today as they were when first installed. PREFA products are also ideal for renovating listed buildings. Due to their light weight, the tiles can also be used on older roof structures. Thanks to the P.10 colour quality and its elegant, matt appearance, PREFA products meet conservation guidelines for listed buildings. At the start of the 20th century, many buildings were covered with special metal roof panels. When replacing these roofs (mostly due to thermal technology requirements), planners are faced with an important decision. Should they have the old roof elements manufactured or should they use a different product? Building a new roof from scratch is often not possible due to the horrendous costs involved. PREFA offers an affordable alternative. Small-format roof products (particularly the root tile, shingle and rhomboid roof tile) offer planners an inexpensive and visually adapted, alternative solution. In addition, the products can be enhanced with high-quality special coatings. Along with the possibility of creating special colours, the wide range of shades offers virtually limitless creative scope from a visual point of view too. Roofs on listed buildings must have an extremely long life span and must also be maintenance free. PREFA roofs fulfil these requirements.