Small rhomboid tile

The perfect enhancement: Our small rhomboid tile sets great accents in façade design.

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PREFA’s small rhomboid tile is particularly suitable for façade cladding, especially for small areas. After consulting with PREFA product technicians, the small rhomboid tile can also be used to cover towers, bay windows or canopies. Combining the small-format rhomboid tiles with other PREFA façade components creates a particularly attractive effect.

Detailed view of PREFA’s small rhomboid tile in pure white on rounded façade

Advantages of PREFA’s small rhomboid tile

For architectural features

Makes small façade areas, canopies, towers or bay windows stand out.

Numerous standard colours

P.10 colours with 40-year colour guarantee

40-year guarantee

on the material​​​​​​​

For architectural features

Makes small façade areas, canopies, towers or bay windows stand out.

Numerous standard colours

P.10 colours with 40-year colour guarantee

40-year guarantee

on the material​​​​​​​


The small rhomboid tile is available in a wide range of standard colours to match PREFA roof and façade products, as well as in a stucco (structural embossing) and smooth finish.

Colour overview (10)




01 Braun

P.10 brown


02 Anthrazit

P.10 anthracite


03 Schwarz

P.10 black


04 Ziegelrot

P.10 brick red


05 Oxydrot

P.10 oxide red


06 Moosgrün

P.10 moss green


07 Hellgrau

P.10 light grey


11 Nussbraun

P.10 nut brown


PREFA dunkelgrau ähnlich DB 703 oder RAL 7043

P.10 dark grey


43 Steingrau

P.10 stone grey



  • The RAL values stated are merely approximate values (~), some of which may differ vastly from the original PREFA colour and, under certain circumstances, may not reflect the subjective perception of the colour. 
  • Above all for colour quality P.10, it is almost impossible to define values due to the surface structure.
  • Plain aluminium: The guarantee does not cover surface appearance alterations caused by processing and environmental influences. Follow the instructions.
  • Metallic colours may vary in shade.
  • To identify exact colours for complementary components please consult original samples.

Do you have any questions about PREFA’s small rhomboid tile?

If you are interested in an aluminium façade from PREFA, contact a PREFA partner company near you directly. To do this, use our tradesman search on the website.

PREFA is not a rendered façade. It is a high-quality aluminium façade which is installed as a non-bearing, rear-ventilated façade.

Fears of rusting are completely unfounded because aluminium cannot rust. If the surface of the PREFA aluminium façade is damaged, a new protective oxide layer is formed and the durability of the PREFA façade remains unchanged.

PREFA façades are installed as non-bearing, rear-ventilated façades. This means that there is a gap for rear ventilation between the aluminium façade cladding and the insulation. In summer, the hot air cannot accumulate behind the façade because it rises through the rear ventilation and is transported away. In the winter, this structure provides thermal protection, as the heat transfer resistance is increased in the rear-ventilated space. This temperature buffering in the rear-ventilated space ensures a comfortable indoor climate all year round.

The PREFA façade is the outermost protective layer of your house and simultaneously serves as a visual design element to improve the look of your home. Not only is it nice to look at, it also protects your home from the weather. In addition, durable PREFA aluminium cladding protects the underlying layers (supporting structure, insulation and substructure) from the effects of the weather. Owing to the fact that your PREFA façade is particularly weather-resistant, you can enjoy its beautiful appearance for decades.

It should be noted that PREFA façade products must not be confused with sandwich panels or other products with integrated insulation, as they are exclusively specialised for the functions mentioned above (protection and visual design). If you would also like to have a high-quality aluminium PREFA façade, the skilled workshop will be able to provide you with a suitable substructure and, if desired, suitable insulation in addition to improving the appearance of your home with PREFA façade cladding.

All PREFA aluminium façade systems are produced as rainscreens. A system that has stood the test of time for over a century, and also has a positive impact on the indoor climate thanks to its special structure. Air is allowed to circulate between the masonry and the PREFA façade, wicking away any occasional moisture behind the metal façade. 

Technical information

As PREFA’s small rhomboid tile is not a fully-fledged façade system, no accessories are available.


Coil-coated aluminium, 0.7 mm thick, coil-coating finish


305 × 175 mm

Weight per m²

Approx. 3.00 kg

Pieces per m²

43 pcs.