Does a PREFA roof make more noise than other roofs?

The difference in sound between a PREFA roof and a fibre-cement or tile roof is just 2 to 4 dBA, which is barely perceptible to the human ear.

Sound insulation is applied to PREFA small-format products to further reduce noise levels. The sound insulation compensates for the difference in sound mentioned above and reduces sheet rattling to a minimum.

All roofs can be noisy when it rains if the appropriate substructure is lacking.

But how do we take the momentum out of sound? PREFA’s unique FD.TEC frequency damper technology reduces unwanted frequency ranges to a minimum, and prevents certain sound emissions to a large extent. The purpose of the FD.TEC frequency damper strips attached to the back of all small format PREFA roof elements is to absorb frequencies that can be caused by rain and hail.