The golden house

Marktl/Wasungen - On an arterial road in the small town of Elst, not far from Arnhem (NL), architect Kees Marcelis was commissioned by a family to design a prestigious home that was perfectly tailored to their wishes. Not only his clients, but also the local residents are impressed by the built result and call it "Het Gouden Huis" due to the savannah beige aluminium skin from PREFA, which shimmers like gold in the right light.

Portrait of the architect Kees Marcelis, who fitted out the house with PREFA products.

Proven principles

The 300 m² building consists of an elongated low-rise building and a main house with a pitched roof, which is formally inspired by classic detached houses from the 1970s. As is so often the case, Kees Marcelis began his design process from the inside out, which led to the decision to direct the view from the rooms out into the expanse of the surrounding landscape by turning it away from the street. For this reason, the architect realised a closed façade on the street side, while he designed the building to be open towards the garden and the neighbouring cornfield. A recurring element in his designs is also the open floor plan, which in the residential building was designed with a box-like positioning of functional rooms such as the cloakroom, bathroom and WC.

Side view of the PREFA-covered detached house in Elst (NL). Bushes and trees surround the building.

Finished with aluminium

Kees Marcelis' concept was completed by a flowing design of the transitions between the interior and exterior spaces and a minimalist material language that brings calm to the building. He and his team opted for Falzonal and Prefalz to clad the house with a lightweight, durable material. As a visual highlight, they had the aluminium formed with fine pilaster strips running across the roof and façade, which emphasise the compact shape of the building without overhangs and the high quality of the material. They give rhythm to the façade and testify to Marcelis' fascination with the flowing quality of long, straight lines, which he uses again and again in his work: The eye follows these lines and finds an elegant generosity in them.

The PREFA products Prefalz and Falzonal on the detached house in Elst (NL). The colours savannah beige and anthracite perfectly match the rural, green surroundings.

Folded lightness

"It's exciting to see how differently three-dimensional the seams look," comments Johan Duinkerke, the craftsman responsible for the project, on his completed work in Elst. He remembers the strict requirement to form the façades with seven centimetre high standing seams on the front sides, for which he had to build suitable tools himself. He used the coloured aluminium Falzonal specially developed by PREFA for such tasks and raves about the properties of the alloy, its coating and the lightness of the material.



View of the detached house in Elst covered in Prefalz and Falzonal. The house is surrounded by trees and a pool can be seen in the foreground.
Front view of the house. The aluminium products from PREFA in the colours savannah beige and anthracite really come into their own with the rural surroundings.