PREFARENZEN architecture
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In January a sports hall, in February a filling station, and in March …? The new PREFARENZEN calendar 2023 shows special aluminium solutions for modern architecture and will surprise you along the way. Day after day, month after month, the twelve selected projects from eight European countries create an awareness of how interestingly the material can contribute to the realisation of design ideas. Why don’t you leaf through it and take a closer look?

The calender is produced as a limited edition counterpart to the PREFARENZEN book every year and has become a collector’s item in certain circles. If you like what you see, you can read the architectural stories behind these projects in the latest PREFARENZEN book.

Close-up of the PREFARENZEN calendar 2023 with one of its corners. A section of the white rhomboid façade of THE ROCK Radisson RED Vienna hotel and a reflecting window in soft gold, bronze and beige tones can be seen.

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Text: Anneliese Heinisch
Photos & video: © Croce & Wir