Alpine minimalism

Vallone di Vertosan, in the Aosta Valley. After hiking for several hours on the southern edge of the Alps, we experience an extraordinary place where architecture and nature are in harmony with each other: soundless nights and goosebump moments included. The anthracite coated Bivacco Brédy, created by BCW Collective, provides shelter and a place to sleep in an inhospitable, but incredibly beautiful landscape that makes us realise: What do we really need when we are in the mountains besides a reliable roof over our heads? Ideally made of a material like Prefalz, which is not only unbelievably light and resistant to any kind of weather, but can also leave its location any time along with the other components of the little hut without harming the landscape?

The young architects Skye Sturm, Chiara Thessarollo and Facundo Arboit know about the extraordinary story behind the bivouac. Find out who it is about in our PREFARENZEN book 2023.

Portrait des Architekten in schwarz-weiß.

Further Information:

Text: Anneliese Heinisch
Photos: Croce & Wir
Portrait: BCW Collective