A flying information kiosk with a vision

Information kiosk with a view

With united forces, four students, a university and several project partners realised a prototype of a multifunctional construction at 2.400 metres above sea level. PREFA participated in this student project by providing technical know-how and the materials for covering the roof and wall surfaces.

With the Institute of Architecture and Planning, the University of Liechtenstein sets new standards in educating autonomous and team-oriented architects. Based on aspects relating to social, political, ecological, economical and cultural relevance, the students gain insights into significant professional activities during the concept, execution and reflection phase.

“Wisswak” – a successful project triggered by an avalanche

Lina Gasperi, Silva Stecher, Ronja Keßler and Sabrina Fleisch are the students who developed the pro bono project “Wisswak” and realised it within two semesters with the help of committed project partners from the construction industry.

In January 2019, the students found out that a powder avalanche had buried the Totalp shelter in the Rätikon mountain range in Vorarlberg and completely destroyed the sleeping quarters. This meant that the shelter could no longer fulfil its function, so living containers had to be set up as emergency shelters until the completion of the new hut.

These group photos show 4 women of the project from the University of Liechtenstein.

Wissak - details



Building, location:

Information kiosk, Vorarlberg


new construction


University of Liechtenstein


Fussenegger Holzbau GmbH, Mario Berchtold Spengler Dachdecker GmbH & Co KG / Dornbirn


PREFA rhomboid roof tile 29 × 29


P.10 stone grey

Further information

  • Text: Carl Bender
  • Photos: Frau Fontain, Sabrina Fleisch, Markus Metzler