The anniversary

For 10 years, PREFA has been celebrating successes in the international contract business and creating a connecting communication platform for architects and planners with PREFARENZEN. This special anniversary was also honored at this year’s presentation of the architecture book and calendar, which took place on the evening of 28 November at k47, an exclusive event location with a view of the Danube Canal and the rooftops of Vienna.

A group photo of the participating architects, PREFA employees, installers and photographers before the presentation at k47.

Leopold Pasquali, Mario Dallaserra, Manuela Kuhar Makoter, Maja Dominko, Susi Matt, Matej Makoter, Goran Dominko, Max Stoisser, Leona Geitner, Reinhard Werbitsch, Patricia Ezcurra, Wolfgang Croce, Juliane Croce, Matthias Engel, Thomas Heil, Stefan Heigl, Pascal Courant, Hugo Terschan, Youri Favre, Christof Künz, Clemens Bachmann, Benedikt Hörmann, Sven Urban, Jürgen Jungmair, Christian Wirth.

A gift placed on a golden surface featuring the PREFA logo and the inscription 'THANK YOU for a decade of PREFARENCE'. The gift is wrapped in silver paper adorned with small PREFA logos and tied with a red ribbon that reads 'STRONG AS A BULL'

Every year, the presentation of the PREFARENZEN book and large-format picture calendar is a special honor for architectural offices who choose to realise their projects with PREFA aluminium. On the occasion of the 10th issue of these media, PREFA invited the participating offices to travel to Vienna for a two-day event which was attended by around a hundred guests from all over Europe. In addition to architects from Slovenia, France, Germany and Austria, others from the previous years joined as well. They were personally welcomed by Managing Director Leopold Pasquali, who is committed to PREFARENZEN in Austria and abroad and has been behind the project from the very beginning.

From this year’s projects, the Walters restaurant with its special, white façade realised by Thomas Heil was selected for the book cover, marking the second time that architecture created by dreiplus Architekten can be seen on the title page of the book.

For the host Jürgen Jungmair, Head of International Marketing, the time had come for innovative experiments with the use of artificial intelligence. He found congenial partners in the artists Beda Percht and C’QUENCE, who used their creativity and enthusiasm to create a virtual stage where the presenter “Victoria” guided the audience through the presentation with her generated voice. To make this happen, they let AI-supported tools work for them which also generated the appropriate music. The audience closely followed the impressive show which inspired discussions about rapid technological changes and their application.

Back to reality: The Croce & Wir team, which visits all the projects, offices and installers and produces the book with its stylistically unique architecture photography and interesting texts, was delighted by the special recognition for the continuously high quality of their work.

Many of the guests rounded off the event on the second day with an architectural tour and a leisurely lunch in Vienna’s city centre.


The PREFARENZEN team would once again like to invite architects all across Europe to submit their projects via the online portal and become part of PREFARENZEN.


We would like to thank the following architects for their cooperation:

Thomas Heil, dreiplus Architekten (AT)

Jürgen Haller (AT)

Christof Künz (AT)

Claudia Gast and Mario Dallaserra, UNISONO ARCHITEKTEN (AT)

Clemens Bachmann from CBA and Mirco Urban (DE)

Andreas and Leona Geitner, Geitner Architekten (DE)

Stefan Heigl, Architekturbüro Heigl (DE)

Gerold Heugenhauser and Patricia Ezcurra, WWA Architekten (DE)

Goran and Maja Dominko, Kubico domino arhitekti (SI)

Youri Favre (FR)

Pascal Courant, AUNE (FR)

Max Stoisser, planconsort (AT)

Daniel Luckeneder, LAAC Architekten (AT)

Further Information:

Photos: Martin Croce