Lightness in two parts

The daycare centre and its immediate surroundings from a lateral bird's eye view.

Dominique Cornaert and Philippe Dahan of the office Urbane Kultur do not want to change the whole world with their architecture, but create functional and lasting solutions. In the French commune Otterswiller, they proved that they are able to package these solutions into a sophisticated form with tricky details. The school centre they built there on a property surrounded by woods, meadows and single-family houses was to include another structure in addition to the school and kindergarten building: one that is similar to its neighbouring building but still distinguishable from it. 


Our PREFARENZEN book 2023 will tell you about the function of this building and the hurdles that Urbane Kultur overcame in the process of realising it. But what we can already give away is that its aluminium façade gives the centre a monochrome radiance that exudes calm, elegance and an incredible lightness. 

Further information:

Text: Anneliese Heinisch 
Photos: Croce & Wir