House with effect

Susanne Muhr, Volker Petereit and Dirk Härle from the award-winning Munich office lynx architecture like to break with routines and standardisations and find new inspiration in each of their projects. In doing so, they are always guided by their own understanding of building culture when creating residential buildings of a somewhat different kind. This was also the case with the apartment building on the Weiherweg in the small Bavarian town of Dachau that amazes us with contradictions in its design: The building seems archaic, but contemporary, simple, but extraordinary, monolithic, but partially permeable depending on the time of day and the lighting mood in a building landscape that is otherwise mostly traditional. The PREFA aluminium with a profile runs seamlessly over the roof and façade and plays a considerable role in these effects.


Discover how the residential building came into being in the PREFARENZEN book 2023.

The building, integrated in its surroundings, from a bird's eye view.
Portrait of the architects Volker Petereit, Susanne Muhr and Dirk Härle with their dog Emma in front of their office in Munich.

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Text: Anneliese Heinisch
Photos: Croce & Wir