According to the standard ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 62305 (in effect since 01/01/2008), metal roofs with a sufficient plate thickness are defined as a “natural” component of an arresting device. On 12/07/2010, compliance with this standard became compulsory due to the Austrian Electrical Equipment Ordinance (ETV) 2002/A2, clause 2, para. 1.

Therefore, PREFA roofing elements (roof tiles, shingles, rhomboid roof tiles and roof panel FX.12) and Prefalz bands are suitable for use as lightning protection systems (with an arrester device set at the highest point on the roof and the earth connected to the eaves). 

Lightning protection measures which surpass the requirements of the above-mentioned standard make it possible to easily install a conventional arrestor device. Ask for the relevant installation instructions or talk to our application technology department.

Caution: the standard defines a few exceptions, e. g. buildings in areas at risk of explosion (ammunition depots, mills, etc.), buildings containing large numbers of people (schools, nurseries, etc.), transmitting stations, nuclear power stations, museums, etc. In case of doubt, have an additional, conventional lightning protection device mounted by a licensed electrician or lightning protection engineer.