So close to the lake: PREFA Architecture by Sophie Morard

Architect Sophie Morard of SHE Architecture has found the key to happiness for herself. It is closely connected to a small place in the canton of Valais, near the border to France: St. Gingolph is located right by the deep turquoise-blue waters of Lake Geneva, where Le Corbusier once left his traces. Together with her husband, Sophie Morard redesigned a dilapidated cottage from the sixties according to her own visions and created somewhat of a “volume miracle” on a modest 64 square metres: Good architectural considerations make the designed living space much larger than it is. A feel-good retreat with an unparalleled view behind a bronze shimmering zig-zag façade that invites you to be happy.

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Portrait of Sophie Morard sitting behind the window with her two dogs in her lake house.

Further Information:

Text: Anneliese Heinisch
Photos: Croce & Wir