PREFARENZEN 2024 – order now!

A stack of PREFARENZEN books 2024 from a bird's eye view before a grey background.

The 10th issue of the PREFARENZEN book once again presents selected architecture projects throughout Europe where PREFA aluminium was used to a significant extent. The seasoned team of Croce & Wir has again managed to bring together several interesting interviews with 13 architects as well as stylistically unique architecture photos of buildings from four countries in the book.

The PREFARENZEN books are mainly intended for architects, planners and installers and serve as a source of inspiration. Whoever uses PREFA products for their projects in an architectural context has a good chance of being presented in one of the next books.

Order the current book or the issues of the previous years now in German, English, Italian or French, as long as they are still available!


The PREFARENZEN team would like to thank the following architects for their cooperation:

Thomas Heil, dreiplus Architekten (AT)

Jürgen Haller (AT)

Christof Künz (AT)

Claudia Gast and Mario Dallaserra, UNISONO ARCHITEKTEN (AT)

Clemens Bachmann, CBA and Mirco Urban (DE)

Andreas and Leona Geitner, Geitner Architekten (DE)

Stefan Heigl, Architekturbüro Heigl (DE)

Gerold Heugenhauser and Patricia Ezcurra, WWA Architekten (DE)

Goran und Maja Dominko, Kubico domino arhitekti (SI)

Youri Favre (FR)

Pascal Courant, AUNE (FR)

Max Stoisser, planconsort (AT)

Daniel Luckeneder, LAAC Architekten (AT)

Further Information:

Photos: Croce & Wir