Nothing but idyll

Rafał Stramski has created “a window into another world” on a modest 35 square metres in a pine forest in the middle of Poland: the “Boroteka”, a holiday home made of solid wood with a dark façade and striking roof construction that stands out between the trees due to its special architecture. On top, a black Prefalz roof that gives the building its special charm. When you discover the little house in the woods or on the website, you are immediately overcome with the desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a few days.


For the detailed report in the PREFARENZEN book 2023, we were allowed to live in, explore and take photos of this refuge for two days. During this time, we also met up with the owner and the installer to find out about the details of the architectural concept and the exceptional roof.

Die Boroteka und ihre unmittelbare Umgebung aus der Vogelperspektive: Der Wald und die Terrasse samt Jacuzzi sind im Blick.
Portrait of the owner of the Rafał Stramski Boroteka, smiling in the forest.

Further Information:

Text: Carl Bender
Photos: Croce & Wir